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How it Works
All you have to do is invite all your friends and family to your gold party and explain to them that its going to be fun and unique experience where they will get paid top dollar for their unwanted gold jewelry and diamonds.
Will Provide:
- Pizza
- Cheese/Crackers
- Veggie Platter
- Soda/Drinks
- Plates, Cups, Spoons, and Forks
The day of your party We will arrive twenty to thirty minutes
before your guests to set up our appraisal area. We only ask you to assist us byhaving a small table for our use and ample lighting.

After your guest have arrived and are settled in for the evening,
we will briefly introduce Gold Time NOW and answer any questions that you and your guests may have.

During your party, we will sit privately with each guest, offer a
free verbal appraisal, and if our offer is accepted we will pay you cash.

The Appraisal Process

First, we test everything with our
professional equipment. We weight each item with a Troy ounce scale, and examine them with a jeweler's loop and assay test kit.


We perform these tests in front of your guests, explaining the
evaluation process. These expert procedures verify the authenticity of the jewelry, and ensure our complete understanding of the precious metals.

Gold Time NOW wants you and your guests to understand the
process, learn something new, and have a great time. Now you can wow the next jeweler you come across with your new jewelry know-how.

Next, we separate the metals by karat, then weight to assess
their sale value. We give a quote based on the current spot price (on a per gram basis), and make an offer to your guest. Diamonds are evaluated on the 4 Cs: clarity, color, cut, and carat weight.

If the offer is accepted, we immediately issue payment and a
receipt. We document each transaction as required. Guests will need to fill out a purchase order and issue valid, government photo identification.


How the Lovely Hostess Gets Paid

You receive 10% of all purchases Gold Time NOW makes at your
event. This money is part of our overhead, so it doesn't devalue
the price we pay to your guests, called the market spot price
(remember this appraisal lingo to impress your guests).


And remember & it’s my party and I'll have fun if I want to!

Gold Time NOW offers a unique experience to make any dull party sparkle. There is no sales presentation or solicitation of any kind, just a chance for you to get away and have fun, and you and your guests will actually make money.


Our clients have enjoyed the experience so much that 2 to 3
guests from every party end up hosting one of their own. And remember that puts more cash in your pocket, too. You receive 3% of the purchases at the parties your guests host.

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Host A Gold Party

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Where can I sell gold? Where can I sell Jewelry?
Where can I sell Estate Jewelry? Where can i sell Diamonds?

If you find yourself asking these questions we are here to help you get paid top dollar for your items. At Gold X Change, we are one of the most biggest gold buyers in Phoenix  We've made things easy to sell jewelry and make it profitable for you. Call Gold X Change right now and earn the highest prices for your old and scrap gold, Estate pieces and even unwanted Diamonds.

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13420 N Cave Creek Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85022

(between Sharon & Sweetwater)

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